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Ruby Star Wrapping

Creating Packaging to Reuse, Regive, and Relove

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Roost | 10/23/2012
Pages: 208 | Size: 7.50 x 10.00
ISBN: 9781590309995

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Make + Do

This is the ultimate resource for those who are as creative as they are willing to conserve. Ruby Star Wrapping inspires you to think resourceful, think reusable, think unusual when it comes to gift packaging. Raid the pantry for boxes, use old linens for pouches, and make beautiful accessories out of fabric and paper scraps—the projects here illustrate how to create beautiful, reusable packaging from the common materials in your home. With its thirty easy-to-make giftwrap patterns, this book reminds us of the wonderful creative potential inherent in the act of giving a gift. When wrapped with thought, beauty, and a little ingenuity, the packaging can be a gift in itself.

Pretty Print Keeper from Ruby Start Wrapping
Pretty Print Keeper
One of our favorite gifts? Signed prints by independent artists. I’ve only recently become aware of the vast, amazing resource in beautiful prints on websites like etsy and from other sources like homegrown craft fairs, local art shows, and even flea markets and thrift stores. And when you’re ready to give one of these prints as a gift? Leave it in the tube, but don’t forget to make it pretty. Use decorative paper, wallpaper, or fabric to spiff it up. Save tube mailers you might receive, or pick up a few the next time you are at a post office or shipping store. They are sturdy, simple to decorate, and are an excellent way to store artwork.

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NewspaperFlower from Ruby Start Wrapping
Newspaper Flower
It’s possible that the Millers are one of the last few families on the planet still subscribing to the Sunday Times (what with the Internet, and all). They just love getting that huge bulk of newspaper every weekend and knowing there are hours worth of interesting stories inside. However, by the end of the week, there’s, you know, all that newspaper lying around, and one day Melody just decided to make something with it, and well, she wanted that something to be pretty. Here’s her creation. And the rest of the newspaper? It’s in Greg’s beloved composter. Really. It was his favorite birthday gift ever.

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