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  • Watch the Make & Give Book Trailer!

    Our brand new book trailer is here and we’re so excited! Make & Give: Simple and Modern Crafts to Brighten Every Day by Steph Hung and Erin Jang is a fun, bright, modern craft book with 35 projects that are unique and inspiring. Covering a wide range of techniques, from simple prints and sewing to … Continue reading

  • At Home in the Whole Food Kitchen: The Book Trailer

    We are very pleased to share with you the book trailer for At Home in the Whole Food Kitchen: Celebrating the Art of Eating Well by Amy Chaplin. If you are an omnivore, you will delight in this book for its playful use of produce and know-how in balancing food groups. If you are a … Continue reading

  • Bringing Color into Your Home: An Interview with Kristin Nicholas

    Kristin Nicholas, author of Colorful Stitchery and the forthcoming Crafting a Colorful Home. Roost Books: Color is the common theme in your work. Have you always been drawn to color? Kristin Nicholas: I have very early memories of distinct colors from when I was a little girl, so I suppose I have always been fascinated … Continue reading

  • Links We Love

    Here are a few things that caught our eyes this week. * Thank you, Molly, we love Ashley English’s new book Quench as much as you do! * I love the thought and craft that went into this Motion Silhouette book. Amazing and magical. * Amy Chaplin (author of our hot off the press book, At … Continue reading

Make + Do
Strawberry and Lemon Curd Pavlova
Handmade Gatherings recipe
What could be more delicious than a dessert with a meringue crust and a marshmallow center? Add lemon curd, a creamy whipped topping, and fresh spring strawberries and you’ve just about reached dessert perfection! Read More...
Hot-Air Balloon Mobile
Hot-Air Balloon Mobile
The enchanting and inspirational projects in this book will warm your heart and help you to craft a magical world to share with your child, creating something far more valuable than you can ever imagine—a wealth of cherished memories for you to treasure always. Read More...
Lavender Pillows
Lavender Pillows
Near the end of June, harvested buds of fragrant French lavender, valued for its intense essential oils, can be used to create lavender pillows to set in bureau drawers and blanket chests. Place on square in each corner of the drawer of chest where you are storing woolens.
Create a Scavenger Hunt in Your Backyard
Making Your Own Maps
You can spend every day playing in your backyard and think you know it pretty well, but a scavenger hunt challenges you to see things in a new light.
Potion Station
Lavender Pillows
Most kids are mesmerized by the process of pouring vinegar onto baking soda, watching it fizzle, and then sprinkling more baking soda on top to start all over again. Since that first introduction to vinegar and baking soda, know to many as the Volcano Experiment, we’ve recreated this and other similar mad scientist experiences more times than I can remember. There are lots of ways to make potions, and this experiment includes a few of our favorite ingredient combinations.