The Giant Book of Creativity for Kids

500 Activities to Encourage Creativity in Kids Ages 2 to 12?Play, Pretend, Draw, Dance, Sing, Write, Build, Tinker

The perfect starting point for creative play!

Creativity is an essential ingredient for a happy childhood, and this is the ultimate collection of ideas for arts and crafts, building and tinkering, writing and rhyming, singing and dancing, and more! With 500 unplugged, hands-on activities for children ages two to twelve, this book goes beyond the simple arts and crafts found in most kids’ creativity books and offers fun ideas for a generous range of imaginative and creative play—all in in one giant book.

You have the power to encourage creativity in your child’s daily life, whether you feel creative yourself or not. This book is your guide for being a creativity mentor, your handbook for raising kids rich with creative habits and skills, and your toolbox full of ideas and activities. So say YES to creativity! Encourage your child to dabble in all kinds of activities, and discover the magic and beauty of imagination.



Author Bio
Bobbi ConnerBobbi Conner is known for creating high-quality child development and parenting resources—radio programs, podcasts, and books. For twenty-four years Conner was the host of the award-winning Parent’s Journal nationwide public radio series, broadcast in the US on more than 150 NPR stations and worldwide on the American Forces Radio Network. Now Conner’s weekly parenting podcasts are featured online at She is the author of Unplugged Play (Workman Publishing, 2007). Conner is a popular parent education speaker, presenting workshops to parents, educators, and professionals across the United States on topics related to childhood creativity, unplugged playtime, and practical parenting. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and is the mother of three children who were raised with a hefty dose of creativity.
Imprint: Roost
ISBN: 9781611801316
Publication Date: 02/19/2015
Page Count: 384
Size: 7 x 8

"Parents today need a very special kind of help. They want their children to spend time on things other than technology. But what can they suggest as an alternative? Bobbi Conner's latest book, The Giant Book of Creativity for Kids, provides the answer of what to do instead! It is a parent's perfect go-to guide for ideas that spark creativity and fully engage a child's mind." —Jill Stamm, PhD, author of Bright from the Start

"Don't fret about how children today are spending too much time on electronics and commercially produced toys. Run, don't walk, to get a copy of The Giant Book of Creativity for Kids. It is truly an exceptional resource for turning everyday moments into opportunities for family fun, creativity, and memories that last. The ideas are easily and quickly doable—even for the busiest parents—and are all low- to no-cost, but the rewards will be priceless." —Ellen Galinsky, author of Mind in the Making

"A treasure trove of creative ideas, games, songs, and activities for children of all ages." —David Elkind, PhD, author of The Power of Play and Parenting on the Go

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