The Fountain Tarot

Illustrated Deck and Guidebook

Move your creativity and life forward with this gorgeously designed deck. The Fountain Tarot draws on tradition, but provides a modern voice and distinct approach that highlights our everyday lives as a source of insight, wisdom, and growth.

As a daily tool for reflection and a powerful vehicle for self-discovery, The Fountain Tarot reveals creative opportunities, awakens fresh viewpoints, and offers a new take on life’s possibilities. Whether you’re selecting a card to set the tone for your day, invigorate your creative energy, or inspire you before your meditation or yoga practice, The Fountain Tarot helps open closed doors and reveal new paths.



Author Bio
Jonathan SaizWhen Jonathan obsesses about a new project, he doesn’t just commit to it, he packs a suitcase and moves into it. His last series, ALKAHEST, was created during eight hermetic months on the Greek island of Mykonos. Similarly, his time spent living and painting in NYC, Berlin, Paris, and now, Todos Santos, has shaped his unique filter through which his art is created. His paintings and sculptures are in private and commercial collections and are exhibited internationally. His work is featured in the latest book by Juxtapoz Magazine New Contemporary on the 2012 album cover for Rudi Zygadlo, Tragicomedies, and on many curated art sites. Jonathan brings this enthusiasm and curiosity of aesthetics and metaphysics to the creation of the 79 paintings that make up The Fountain Tarot. He lives in Denver, CO and enjoys being forced to watch zombie movies with his partner and their dog, Coby.
Andi TodaroAndi’s graphic design projects have taken her across the USA and into Europe: from her recent work with MSNBC in NYC for their coverage of “The Feast,” to her designs for the “Belle Epoque” and “Bollywood” Galas of the American School of Paris. Her sense of style and design, utilized throughout The Fountain Tarot is not only influenced by her personal interest in the Tarot as an intuitive reader and seeker, but is also greatly informed by her own personal experience with modeling, makeup, and styling for runway and many fashion presentations. Andi is a creative chameleon and a prolific maker who enjoys leatherworking, word games, logic puzzles, and drinking whiskey from her home in Denver, CO.
Jason GruhlAs the former Executive Director and Founder of The Joshua School (Denver, CO), Jason has impacted the lives of countless children and adults. Jason holds a master’s degree in counseling psychology and dedicates his life to self-discovery through meditation and reflection. His research and writings contribute to this deck by blending the tradition of Tarot with contemporary spiritual experience. Above all, he is committed to people and their pursuit of happiness. When not writing, Jason is addicted to English Breakfast tea, board games, Pinterest, and watching zombie movies with his partner Jonathan Saiz and their dog, Coby.
Imprint: Roost
ISBN: 9781611805482
Publication Date: 10/10/2017
Page Count: 
Size: 2.75 x 4.75
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