Susan Jane + Beauty Heroes

Susan Jane White isn't only the author of The Virtuous Tart and Tasty. Naughty. Healthy. Nice., she's also a brand ambassador for Beauty Heroes, the mouthpiece for eco-conscious, non-toxic, awe-inspiring artisan brands within the skincare industry.

She recently sat down with Jeannie Jarnot, the Founder of Beauty Heroes, and answered a few questions. Read the whole interview and find Susan Jane's recipe for Lemon Shizzle Cake here.


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JJ: What inspired you to start cooking healthy and writing about it?

SJW: Looking like Quasimodo. And feeling like a rescue dog.

I used to think that only boring people had time to cook. Turns out, smarter people make time to cook.

JJ: What’s your beauty philosophy?

SJW: Health is beauty.

If someone takes care of themselves, it shows in their eyes, their aura and their skin. Knowing that we absorb 70% of what we put on our skin, it’s easy enough to make the right decisions.

Luckily, Beauty Heroes does the research, so we don’t have to! I really mean that. I’m a working mum with two little boys, so I barely have time to shower let alone research products lining my local stores. Beauty Heroes is my Mecca.

JJ: What is your prescription for Health?

SJW: Healthy food can and should taste sensational (so put it down if it taxes your taste buds!)

I’m all about taking the hell out of healthy. That’s why I wrote my cookbooks – I want to turn your sugar cravings into a nutritional hit. I want to eat badass cupcakes and feel like a ballet dancer afterwards, rather than an indolent rhino. I’ve made it my profession – sort of like Houdini in an apron, magically hiding things.

JJ: What’s the ingredients we don’t know about yet, that we really should?

SJW: Ready? Set?

Organic prunes.

These chaps are one of the cheapest superfoods on our shopping list, and excellent for all things dermal and duodenal. Prunes work by spring-cleaning the gut, with a fervor normally reserved for a visit from a hot date.

Okay, so what’s this got to do with our skin?

The skin is one of our body’s largest excretory organs. Crazy, but true. If we’re not looking after our pipes, then our skin will inevitably become an elimination route for excess toxins. You want luminous skin? Make sure you keep your gut on speaking terms with you.

JJ: How do you power up in the morning? How do you get energized?

SJW: Every morning I wake up like a Pokemon on LSD – bright, cheerful, and ready to lovebomb the world. It’s more of an accident, if I am to be perfectly honest.

How so? I can’t tolerate eating anything for a few hours before bedtime, which I believe is key to our body’s natural detoxifying process. Our liver works best on an empty stomach, while we sleep between the hours of 10pm and 2am. If our body is distracted with digestion, our liver won’t work optimally.

I think my liver and I are good friends. It certainly shows at 7am.

JJ: What’s your personal mantra?

SJW: To cry over what you don’t have, is to entirely waste what you do have.

JJ: Your cookbooks and writing is so funny. Since you make us laugh….who makes you laugh?

SJW: My husband Trevor. He is my sorcerer of hilarity. We always try to make each other laugh, and not let life beat us up. “A little sincerity is a dangerous thing, and a great deal of it is absolutely fatal” (our Irish pal Oscar Wilde).