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Introduction (pdf)

Be the Person
Letter from My Eighty-Eight-Year-Old Self
Letter from My Twenty-Three-Year-Old Self
Chapter 1: Habits of Heart and Mind
Character Cards
Habits of Heart and Mind
Positive Thinking
What Would You Do If . . .
My Choices Log
A Generous Heart
Kindness Cards
Mailing Labels
My Act of Courage
Grateful Notes
Keys to Collaboration
Mindful Walking (guide)
Mindful Walking (blank)
S.M.A.R.T. Intentions

Chapter 2: Know Thyself (pdf)

Positive Affirmations
Permission Slips
Letter to Myself
Self-Portrait Plan
Self-Portrait Poem
Hello Me Haiku
Sensing Peace
I Feel Peaceful When
Visualize It
What's Your Opinion?
What Do You Want?
Persuasive Language
Letter Template

Chapter 3: Well-Being (pdf)

Know Your Body (master)
Know Your Body 1 and 2
Colorful Grocery List
Eating the Rainbow
Meal Planner
Snack Planner
Balanced Foodie (cutouts)
My Food Journal (cover)
My Food Journal (interior)
Food for Thought
Nutrition Facts
Sun Salutations
What's Your Pulse?
Herbal Properties

Chapter 4: Building Community (pdf)

Being a Good Listener
Good Listener Interview
Family Conversation Starters
Recipe for Friendship
Same and Different
Seeing Both Sides
Perspectives Glasses
What Is Conflict?
The Win-Win Grid

Chapter 5: Mindful Manners (pdf)

Meeting People 1
Meeting People 2
Greetings around the World Chart
Greetings around the World Map
Greetings around the World Passport
Thank-You Card Front (option 1)
Thank-You Card Front (option 2)
Thank-You Card Back
Placemat Guide
Placemat Background
Plate and Glass Cutout
Napkin and Utensils Cutout
Art of Eating: Cards
Art of Eating: Model
Calculating a Tip
Manners Bingo Boards
Manners Bingo Cards

Chapter 6: Creating Value with Values (pdf)

Weekly Responsibilities
Save Envelope
Share Envelope
Spend Envelope
Choosing a Charity
Birthday-Party Budget
Cost of Goods Sold
How Much Should I Charge?
Gross Profit

Chapter 7: Digitally Savvy (pdf)

Name That Emoji
Emoji Snapshot
Tech Log
Guidelines for Netiquette
Add Dialogue
Digital Footprint
Digital You Guidelines
I Think . . . I Know . . .
Know Your Sources
Get Your Facts Straight
Messages in the Media
Public Service Announcement Planner
Storyboard Template
The Digital Deal
Closing Thoughts
Look, Listen, and Share