Lunch inspired by My French Family Table at the Makerie

Chef Emily Clark describes her experience of making a lunch menu inspired by Béatrice Peltre's My French Family Table for the Makerie, a creative workshop held in Boulder, Colorado

Earlier this spring, Ali DeJohn, founder of The Makerie, hosted a workshop featuring instruction by printmaker Jen Hewett in Boulder, Colorado. During the three-day workshop participants created a block print design and used it to make patterns directly on fabric. Jen's beautiful printing methods and instructions to make your own wardrobe will be published as a book called Print, Pattern, Sew by Roost Books in Spring 2018.

Emily Clark (pictured above), a chef based in Boulder, was asked to make a lunch inspired by Béatrice Peltre's cookbook My French Family Table for the Makerie attendees.

"I am a big fan of Béa’s work and loved her first book, La Tartine Gourmande," Emily told us. "I was earmarking recipes when I first saw My French Family Table.  After cooking professionally and teaching cooking for many years,I can look at a recipe and have a sense for whether or not it will work out.  Béa’s recipes do work, wonderfully, and her attention to detail is on display throughout the entire book."


Parsnip, Potato & Pear Soup with Goat Cheese & Hazelnut & Tarragon Pesto
Served in tea cups

Red Kuri Squash & Celeriac Tart

Radish, Fennel & Apple Salad with Truffle Salt

Kale & Pea Pancakes with Smoked Salmon & Creme Fraiche

Raspberry Financiers

Teff & Cocoa Nib Cookies

"For the Makerie lunch I wanted to highlight as many different recipes and flavors as I could. I wanted people to get a sense of just how excellent this book is."

"I loved the garnish on the soup―the combination of goat cheese, hazelnut & tarragon pesto and cranberries made a lovely finishing taste to each bite.  The crust for the Red Kuri Squash and Celeriac tart was flaky and held together very well.  The teff, millet and brown rice flour are a great combination.  I would not have known this was gluten free. I love the taste of celeriac (celery root) and the pairing with the squash was unexpected  and delicious."

"The crisp and refreshing salad was was surprisingly simple to put together with an easy dressing of lime, olive oil and truffle salt.  Using the mandoline to finely slice the ingredients is key to making this salad work well.  Fennel and radish are strong flavors but thinly sliced they pair well with the whole ensemble. You get a taste of all the flavors in each bite and it feels very delicate."

"The Kale & Pea Pancakes had a wonderful flavor, held together well and were the perfect compliment to the smoked salmon and creme fraiche.  I made these pancakes a day in advance and reheated them in the oven at 325 degrees before I needed them.  I have since made them several times and I make extras to freeze. I pop them in the toaster oven and they pair wonderfully with poached eggs!"

"The desserts are my weakness.  I studied and taught French pastry and have made many a financier in my career. They are an easy sweet to make and everyone loves them.  The dense, sweet taste of the almond flour, sugar and browned butter makes everyone happy. The tart taste of the berries rounds it out perfectly."

"Béa says in her introduction to the Teff & Cocoa Nib Cookie recipe that she cannot say how long they keep because they never last in her house.  I can say that my experience with these cookies has been the same. They melt in your mouth. The crunch of cocoa nibs and the fleur de sel are the perfect combination. You will be reaching for another before you realize what is happening!"

"It was a pleasure to cook from My French Family Table for the Makerie lunch. I have happily been working my way through all the pages, with its beautiful and inspiring photographs followed up by detailed and thorough recipes that work."


Thanks to Emily Clark for sharing her reflections! All photos by Teryn Wilkes