Roost Books is about creative living.

Focusing on the areas of cooking, creativity, family, and nature, we publish lifestyle books that aim to inspire. We are an imprint of Shambhala Publications, an independent, family-owned publisher who has been making books for nearly five decades; we’re distributed by the good folks at Penguin Random House.

We strive to create beautiful books that bring inspiration, warmth, and connectivity to our everyday lives.

We believe that there is beauty and wisdom in the subjects that are often relegated to “domestic life.” Whether it be cooking, crafting, playing creatively with our children, or exploring the outdoors, we find that these activities give us the power to create positivity in our own lives and in the world at large. Each book is selected, edited, and designed with the utmost care and with the intention of sharing a truly enriching experience with our readers.

Boulder, Colorado is where we work and play.

We started Roost in Boston but moved to Boulder in 2015 for its incredible entrepreneurial, community-oriented spirit—not to mention its remarkable natural beauty. Our offices house both Roost and Shambhala Publications, and we have a beautiful bookstore/event space that’s open to the public during regular business hours and for special events. Please come visit, say hello!

We love books!

Why do we publish the books we do? We do it for you! We do it for our extraordinary authors. And if we’re honest, we do it for us—creating the books we want to read and use. We think of our authors and our readers as part of our family and hope that, through our books and what they inspire, we weave a community of caring and creative hearts and minds.


Sara Bercholz

Publisher, Owner, and Executive Vice President

Sara is a mama, cook/baker/eater, meditator, failed knitter, traveller, aspiring gardener, yogi, and outdoorswoman. A love of books is in her blood—she is the co-owner (along with her brother, mother, and father) of Shambhala Publications, the company her father and mentor, Samuel Bercholz, founded in 1969. Sara started Roost Books in 2012 as a means of bringing an enlightened perspective to domestic life (and as an excuse to think about food and other beautiful things all the time). Her two sons, Milo and Dashiell, never fail to bring excitement to the endless possibilities we wake up with every day.


Jennifer Urban-Brown


Jenn is an avid knitter, a B+ sewer, and a dabbling baker. She has been an editor at Roost Books / Shambhala Publications since 2006, where she has the great privilege of working on books that truly inspire her and reflect the things she cherishes most in life: creativity and community. Born in Weymouth, Mass. and raised on Martha’s Vineyard, her father likes to remind her that she is fifty percent Jersey girl. (She credits her partial Jersey roots for her love of Bruce Springsteen.)


Juree Sondker


Juree is a devoted eater, mom, skin-care junkie, and book hunter with a penchant for red lipstick. Before moving to Boulder she lived Portland, Oregon, where she worked at Timber Press and learned to prize the natural world and good food above all else. She joined Roost as a way to explore her interest in aspirational cookbooks, along with books on health and well-being. When not concocting dubious-looking herbal elixirs (and running her side business, Horticulture Skin Care), she can be found eating salt and vinegar potato chips at her desk.


Claire Kelley

Senior Marketing Manager

Claire spent almost a decade working in New York for Knopf, Simon & Schuster, and Melville House before moving to Boulder and joining Roost Books / Shambhala Publications in 2015. Her experience in bookselling includes stints at the legendary Paris bookstore Shakespeare & Company and Atlantis Books on the island of Santorini in Greece. She has a masters in design from Pratt, and loves to paint and draw with her toddler son.


Jess Townsend


Jess likes her protagonists female, her vegetables roasted, and believes BBQ is acceptable breakfast food. Born and raised in rural Oklahoma, she’s thrilled to be working on books that promote the things she loved most about her hometown: generosity, hospitality, and a love of wild spaces.  When she’s not evangelizing for her favorite new title, you can find her hiking with her dog, Lola, and working on the perfect vinaigrette.


Daniel Urban-Brown

Art Director

Daniel has been a design nerd for Roost Books / Shambhala Publications since 2007. When he is not creating books and collaborating with talented editors, photographers, artists, and designers, he enjoys spending his time walking outside, reading, eating sushi, listening to records, fly fishing, and taking naps with his dog, Cooper. Daniel grew up in western Washington State, which means he loves rainy days, coffee, and fresh seafood (but not necessarily in that order).