We Love Nature!

A Keepsake Journal for Families Who Love to Explore the Outdoors

As simple as stargazing, as challenging as a wilderness hike, as wild as a snowy sled ride, as creative as making a nature collage—discover (and rediscover) nature with these 52 family activities!

A child’s discovery of the outdoors is filled with awe, wonder, and delight. In this interactive journal, parents and kids have opportunities to spark curiosity about nature and are given space to record their discoveries. Part keepsake journal, part activity book, We Love Nature! offers a year of fresh, fun ways to explore nature that lead to profound memories.

* Lay back, look up, and invent stories from the shapes in the clouds * Play in the mud until you’re covered head to toe * Sing campfire songs and put on a show by the fire * Dance in the rain * Predict the weather and then track your accuracy * Discover the night sky with an astronomy calendar * Hang up a birdhouse to see which birds you attract to nest

For children ages two to eight.



Author Bio
Ken Keffer

Ken Keffer is a naturalist, environmental educator, and freelance writer with a special interest in birding. He has also worked with children for as long as he can remember, most recently leading state and national efforts for the Ohio Young Birders Club.

Stacy TornioStacy Torino is the editor of the national birding and gardening magazine Birds and Blooms. She also teaches gardening classes to Milwaukee-area youth. With Ken Keffer she has launched the website destinationnature.net, where they encourage families and kids to get outside and explore nature. Through their online efforts, videos, and partnerships with national organizations and well-respected professionals, they are a go-to resource for the timely topic of getting kids active outdoors.
Imprint: Roost
ISBN: 9781611801019
Publication Date: 02/07/2013
Page Count: 192
Size: 5.5 x 7

"We Love Nature! encourages hurrying less and noticing more. Here, families are given a blank canvas on which they may capture time with loved ones while creating memories in nature that will build bonds, too. The journal itself will become a treasure to be enjoyed and reflected upon by family for years, even generations. I love We Love Nature!" —Jennifer Ward, author of I Love Dirt! and Let’s Go Outside!

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