Roost Field Trip to Portland, ME

Circa Home and Vintage

Earlier this month, editors Sara, Jenn, and Rochelle plus marketing doyenne, Kate headed north for their second annual Roost Portland field trip. (Yes, we’re also wondering why it is only annual.) Bundled up in our almost-winter gear and itinerary in hand, we explored the city almost entirely on foot, enjoying delicious food, delightful creative spaces, and cute shops while drinking in a whole lot of crisp late fall air.

On the itinerary:

A Gathering of Stitches, a creative making space for fiber crafts, where we met with owner/visionary Samantha for a tour and chat about Portland’s vibrant creative scene. (Samantha and her husband also run Rabelais Books in Biddeford, a pilgrimage site for book lovers and cookbook collectors.)

Pai Men Miyake, where we warmed ourselves up over brothy udon, steamy ramen, and soft tofu buns.

Pai Men Miyake

Speckled Ax for what else? Pour-over coffee, almond milk lattes, and chai that kept our hands warm and our spirits high for the chilly walk down Congress Street to the Old Port.

Longfellow Books, a lively independent bookstore, literally at the heart of the city, where we spoke to staff about some of our newest books not yet featured in our catalog. (Our shopping bags got notably heavier after this stop.)

As we explored the Old Port, we stopped in at old favorites such as Pinecone + Chickadee, Portland Dry Goods, and Portland Trading Company. As the sun went down, we drove out on Congress Street toward the East End and spent time in Circa Home and Vintage, which stocks many of our books (especially these) by the stack. Neighboring Knit Wit is always a feast for the senses and Jenn had her shopping list ready. The rest of us just ogled and petted the wares, imagining all the things we could be creating. (Now on the winter agenda: start a weekly knitting group at the office.)

As we got back on the road to Boston, we stopped by Standard Baking Company, you know, just to see if they were still open. And oh, were we in luck. Sated, we hit the road loaded with books, fresh-baked bread, cozy yarn, and kindling for new ideas. Thank you, Portland!

A Gathering of Stitches
A Gathering of Stitches
Knit Wit
Speckled Ax