Maggie Battista's New Way to Food x Universal Standard

Maggie Battista's very special book A New Way to Food, where she shares her journey to learning to love herself and how she found real wellness through nourishing recipes comes out this February.

In the lead up to the book's publication date, we are excited to follow along with a collaboration with Universal Standard to celebrate the book's body positive message. Read all the details on Maggie's blog where she explains:

"Universal Standard is an inclusive fashion brand that exists to give fashion freedom to all women. If 67% of women in the U.S. wear a size 14 or above, why did the fashion world present such dismal options for so long? With Universal Standard, a size 26 can finally shop in the same way as a size 6—with only style as the filter. We all deserve the same level of style, quality, and, quite frankly, respect.

Since Universal Standard and my cookbook both prioritize self-love, body positivity, and body confidence, I asked them to participate in clothing giveaways with all of my friends. They want to support cooking in comfort so they said “yes” instantly! Over the next few weeks, 14 friends will showcase and feature super soft and beautiful Loungewear pieces and they’ll give you the opportunity to win a set of 4 pieces (valued at $180) plus a copy of my new cookbook, A New Way to Food."

Here is a full list of participants, and click on posts from Jessamyn Stanley and Haley Davis below to read their full posts on Instagram.