Learn to forage with videos from Leda Meredith, author of The Skillful Forager

Not just another field guide or cookbook, The Skillful Forager gives you the tools and techniques to make foraging fun, safe, sustainable, and time-efficient. The book includes tips on how to work with the sometimes strong or unfamiliar tastes and textures of wild foods and turn them into delicious gourmet feasts.

With the techniques in this book, a forager can gather wild edibles and not only "do no harm" but actually help the ecosystem he or she gathers from.

Watch these videos below about plants featured in The Skillful Forager. Leda Meredith, a lifelong forager who first learned wild edibles from her great-grandmother and now teaches foraging internationally is your guide.


How to safely identify wild carrot, also known as Queen Anne's lace, and enjoy eating all four edible parts of this delicious wild plant.

When you dig up wild ginger (Asaraum canadense) to harvest its tasty rhizomes, you kill the plant right? Wrong! Here's how to harvest this shade-tolerant, slow-growing native plant sustainably.

Violets are edible flowers that are only available for a few short weeks in springtime. You can preserve them by making this exquisitely colored syrup.

Purslane deserves to be treated as a succulent vegetable, not disregarded as a weed!