Holiday gift suggestions from Roost Books staff

Here are some of the books we've published that we'll be giving to friends and family this year.

Feeding a Family by Sarah Waldman

"I'm giving Feeding a Family to my friend who is expecting her first little one in the spring. This book will get her in the family dinner mindset from the get go, and will provide her with a lot of quick and delicious meal ideas for those early days with a newborn. The Slow Cooker Indian Butter Chicken is a great dish for new parents!" —Jenn Urban-Brown, Editor

Full Moon Suppers by Annemarie Ahearn

"For all my friends back in Maine, I’m giving Full Moon Suppers at Salt Water Farm.  I lived there for a couple years, and this book brought me back to the romance and wonder of living the rhythm of the seasons of the Pine Tree State. I want to eat every thing on every page of this book. And I can attest to her fool-proof chocolate cake recipe!" —KJ Grow, Sales and Marketing Director

Lomelino's Pies by Linda Lomelino

"My friend Millie is the baker at a cafe here in Boulder. She makes a near perfect croissant and always has a few surprise treats on offer that never fail to delight. I’m giving her Lomelino’s Pies because who better than a baker to appreciate the utter beauty of Linda Lomelino’s creations." —Sara Bercholz, Publisher

Eat this Poem by Nicole Gulotta

"I have found Eat This Poem to be a truly surprising and lively book! As someone who loves poetry and good food (not necessarily in that order). I was delighted with the interplay of inspiration and delicious, accessible recipes. One of the great joys of the book is the poems themselves and the poets included, which are many of my personal favorites.—Daniel Urban-Brown, Art Director

Simple Green Suppers by Susie Middleton

Simple Green Suppers is the perfect gift for the busy people in your life who might shy away from cookbooks. Susie Middleton’s recipes are delicious, fast, and genuinely easy. I’ll be gifting a copy to my best girlfriend this year, and bookmarking the recipe for Roasted Butternut ‘Smash’ on Whole Wheat Toast with Cranberry-Citrus Herb Butter and Crispy Shallots. My favorite!” —Jess Townsend, Publicist

Wise Craft Quilts by Blair Stocker

"Wise Craft Quilts inspired me to take a quilting class at Fabricate, a local fabric store here in Boulder. I'm giving my teacher, Annlee, a copy of Blair Stocker's book because I think she'll love it! And my New Year's resolution is to finish my quilt." —Claire Kelley, Senior Marketing Manager

The Fountain Tarot by Jason Gruhl, Jonathan Saiz, and Andi Todaro

"I am gifting my mom The Fountain Tarot. It is gorgeous, inspiring, and just a wonderful way to add a little magic to the everyday." —Juree Sondker, Editor

Neighborhood by Hetty McKinnon

“I am happy to be gifting this book to my household this year! We all love a good salad, but this book really gives a fresh new perspective on salads and how to make them into a full meal instead of a side.”—Lauren Szenina, Editorial and Rights Assistant

Toast & Jam by Sarah Owens

"My sister loves to bake, so I’m planning to give her a copy of Toast and Jam. There are helpful primers as well as plenty of creative recipes that will be fun to try out over the holidays." —Tyler O'Malley, Courses