Four Roost Books titles selected for the Holiday Indie Next List

We are proud to announce that four cookbooks from Roost Books have been selected by booksellers for the first Indie Next List Holiday Guide from the American Booksellers Association. Read the recommendations below, and view the whole list here.

You can also download a PDF of the flyer that will available in Independent Bookstores nation-wide during the holiday season.

Congratulations to our authors!


Feeding a Family: A Real-Life Plan for Making Dinner Work by Sarah Waldman
(Roost Books, 9781611803099, $29.95)

“Amidst the constant stream of intimidating restaurant cookbooks, Sarah Waldman’s Feeding a Family stands out as a refreshing invitation to come to the kitchen as you are. In this book there are no three-day recipes, no obscure ingredients or expensive devices. Instead, Waldman offers an approachable roadmap to getting a healthy dinner on the table for you and your family throughout the year. The book is helpfully organized by season and menus range from dead simple to realistically ambitious. Feeding a Family contains warm and inviting food photography, tips on involving children in meal prep, what portion of the meal to feed a baby, and what to do with leftovers. Perfect for anyone from a seasoned cook who needs weeknight inspiration to a recent graduate looking to start cooking at home.” —Emily Riehl-Bedford, Politics and Prose Bookstore (Washington, DC)

Full Moon Suppers at Salt Water Farm: Recipes From Land and Sea by Annemarie Ahearn
(Roost Books, 9781611803327, $35)

“A wonderful, thoughtful cookbook from the founder of Maine’s Salt Water Farm. Centered on gatherings to celebrate seasonal menus and feast with friends, Full Moon Suppers takes home chefs on a year-long culinary journey. Gorgeously rustic and locally minded, this book will leave you well-prepared to host a dinner party in any season!” —Kelly O’Sullivan, R.J. Julia Booksellers (Madison, CT)

Simple Green Suppers: A Fresh Strategy for One-Dish Vegetarian Meals by Susie Middleton
(Roost Books, 9781611803365, $24.95)

“I think many of us, vegetarian or not, are trying to incorporate more plant-based meals into our repertoire. Simple Green Suppers is a great cookbook to have by your side as you plan a menu, or to reach for when you’re stuck for inspiration. Divided into categories like ‘Veggies and Eggs’ and ‘Veggies and Tortillas,’ it’s easy to make really delicious and creative meals with those pantry ingredients we all have hanging around. It’s a cookbook I know I’ll be turning to again and again. A great gift for busy parents or any health-conscious cook!” —Julia Atwood, Boulder Book Store (Boulder, CO)

Toast & Jam: Modern Recipes for Rustic Baked Goods and Sweet & Savory Spreads by Sarah Owens
(Roost Books, 9781611803570, $30)

“The introduction to this book brought me to tears. Sarah Owens shares not just cooking tips, but wisdom about food culture and community awareness. Her unique recipes of spreads and breads paired with notes about the cooking process help you slow down in the kitchen and think about the importance of each step. Owens’ recipes are detailed and designed to make you interact with your ingredients, and the resulting meals do not disappoint.” —Anna Stevens, Boulder Book Store (Boulder, CO)


Tasty. Naughty. Healthy. Nice.  / Susan Jane White / 9781611804362

"Tasty, Naughty, Healthy, Nice features over 135 recipes for wheat-free, sugar-free, and dairy-free eating. This book is a wonderful cache of recipe alternatives to dairy, wheat and sugar for folks who are searching for ways to make "restrictive" diets interesting, healthful and pleasurable. There's also lots of helpful information and a refreshing lack of dogma along the way."
Kathryn Esher, Tattered Cover Book Store, Denver, CO

Full Moon Suppers / Annemarie Ahearn / 9781611803327

“While I more closely associate seasonal, farm-to-table cuisine with California, Annemarie Ahearn of coastal Maine has crafted a lovely addition to that tradition with Full Moon Suppers at Salt Water Farm.  This cooking school/restaurant has hosted a dinner on the full moon of each month for nearly a decade, and from those many meals Ahearn has consolidated the best of the best into 12 seasonal menus.  Yes, there’s a Harvest Moon Supper, but also a Wolf Moon, a Strawberry Moon, a Hunger Moon Supper, and eight more.  These are not recipes for beginner cooks, but an experienced home chef should follow Ahern’s clear instructions without difficulty.  In addition to making full use of Maine’s bounty of fresh fruits and vegetables, it should come as no surprise that these recipes take full advantage of the harvest from the sea.  And if there is an award for best use of edible flowers in cookbook photography, FMS wins hands down; it’s a feast for the eyes, as well as the other senses!  With fare ranging from the most casual comfort dining right up through special occasion celebrations, I predict turning to Full Moon Suppers again and again for inspiration.” –Susan Tunis, Bookshop West Portal, San Francisco

“Loved the Full Moon Suppers cookbook.  The seasonal format made it easy to find produce in stock. I also liked the menus so I knew what foods went well together.” – Susan Lissy, The Sequel Books and Espresso, Enumclaw, W

“Annemarie Ahearn moved back to her parent's farm on the coast of Maine, overlooking Penobscot Bay, with the intention of starting a cooking school for home cooks, and teaching people how to grow kitchen gardens. Inspired by E. B. White's essay "Salt Water Farm", she took the essay's title as the namesake for her new cooking school. On a warm September evening, with the full moon rising, she and a new friend had the idea of starting a monthly supper club which would celebrate the local, seasonal food. There are three main courses, plus cocktail, starters, and dessert on each month's menu. Recipes are scaled to serve 8. While many of the recipes feature the regional foods of Maine, your don't need to be a Mainer to use these dishes independently, and perhaps to be inspired to celebrate the foods and traditions of your region – and who knows? – maybe start a supper club of your own!” – Kathy Esher, Tattered Cover, Denver CO


My Sweet Kitchen / Linda Lomelino / 9781611803068

“I’m a life-long baker, and I’ll sum up Linda Lomelino’s My Sweet Kitchen like this: Yum, oh my god, Yum!  Lomelino maintains a wide focus in this book, with recipes for cakes, cookies, pies, puddings, and more.  While there are whole chapters dedicated to confections including chocolate, or nuts and caramel, where the book especially shines throughout is the use of fruit.  Raspberries, for example, are featured in the Berry Galettes, Cheesecakes Brownies with Raspberries, Pavlova Roulade with Marscapone and Raspberries, and four more recipes.  While it’s not unusual to see lessons on cake decorating in a baking book, Lomelino’s advice is visual, simple, and effective.  What is unusual is a section of photographing your culinary creations.  I’ve never seen that before, but I’ll assume she knows whence she speaks, because My Sweet Kitchen is lavishly and beautifully illustrated with photos.  The older I get, the less I crave sugar, but all I can tell you is that right now I want to bake and eat every single recipe in this book!”
–Susan Tunis, Bookshop West Portal, San Francisco


Lomelino’s Pies / Linda Lomelino / 9781611804560

“An absolutely fantastic new cookbook for any pie lover.  From the comprehensive guide for mastering all the components of a perfect pie to the stunning photography of the finished products, each recipe will inspire you to see what you can do with some crust and filling.  Delicious variations and fresh ideas will make sure you find a dessert suited for any mood!” – Kelly O’Sullivan, RJ Julia, Madison CT


Feeding a Family / Sarah Waldman / 9781611803099

“Sarah Waldman is hardly the first cookbook author to build a book around Feeding a Family: A Real-Life Plan for Making Dinner Work, but it’s more than just a concept in this case.  Waldman brings a real authenticity to her book.  She’s not just supplying a family-friendly recipe, she’s offering advice on steps the kids can assist with, on how to adapt a recipe for the baby, and on what to do with the leftovers.  I laughed out loud when in one of the recipe introductions she realistically offered that if your picky eater only ate part of this meal, “don’t beat yourself up about it,” it was still nutritious.  Healthy options are clearly a priority, and several entrees are vegetarian.  Recipes are organized seasonally, and a grouped into simple meals featuring two or three recipes each.  With an emphasis on practicality, there’s nothing here to intimidate less experienced cooks.  While some of these recipes are quite basic (15-Minute Flounder), Waldman spices things up literally and figuratively with the occasional inclusion of more ethnic and exotic fare (Slow Cooker Indian Butter Chicken with Sweet Peas).  Appropriately, Feeding a Family is illustrated with photos of not only the food being prepared, but the people doing the preparing, and the family enjoying.  Eat up!” –Susan Tunis, Bookshop West Portal, San Francisco

“Loaded with strategies for bringing family dinner back from the brink of extinction, Feeding a Family is a tremendous resource to have at hand. Dinner menus are arranged seasonally, with 10 menus each, for Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. The focus here is all about flavorful, easy to prepare, seasonal, whole food meals. There are also several immensely helpful chapters on subjects such as building a family pantry; planning, shopping and preparation; involving the whole family; picky eaters; and quick dinners from pantry and fridge staples. If you dream of gathering the family together for regular meals, and don't have all day to cook, this is the cookbook you've been waiting for!” –Kathy Esher, Tattered Cover, Denver CO

We've all been there: we get home from work, hungry and tired, and at a loss for what to eat. This lovely book helps solve that problem not only for you, but for a whole family. More than a simple cookbook - it provides tips on how to build a pantry, how to craft meals that even the pickiest of eaters will gobble down, and details the best way to eat healthy (and locally) on a budget! The recipes are organized seasonally, so you can find fresh ingredients! A perfect gift for any person who has asked, "What's for dinner?" –Emily Lloyd-Jones, Gallery Bookshop, Mendocino, CA

Neighborhood / Hetty McKinnon / 9781611804553

“There is something inspired about the way Australian chefs approach vegetables, free of formality and tradition they build unexpected and delicious dishes straight from the imagination.  Hetty McKinnon’s beautiful new book, Neighborhood, is a perfect example of the creativity, whimsy and flavor that I associate with Australian vegetarian fare.  Although it purports to be a collection of salads, the cookbook is composed of page after page of vibrant and filling meals that just happen to be plant-based.   Each section of the book is inspired by a place Hetty has lived or visited, ranging from a French Kinda-Nicoise with Fried Green Beans, Roasted Kale, Lentils, Steamed Eggs and Caper Mayo to Asian Roasted Beets with Quinoa, Shallots and Orange Miso.  The global flavors, inspired combinations of ingredients and plant-based goodness all come together to make Neighborhood a unique and delightful addition to any kitchen, one that you will turn to again and again when looking for a fresh idea.” –Emily Riehl-Bedford, Politics and Prose Bookstore , Washington DC

 “Hearty salad recipes inspired by the cuisines of America, France, the Mediterranean, the Middle East, Asia and Australia, make this the go-to cookbook for casual entertaining, an easy dinner on a meatless day, or eat-one-pack-one meal planning. The last-but-not-least "Just Bring Dessert" chapter features recipes and pictures from friends of the author who live all around the world. Warning: You may be inspired to invite a few friends and neighbors over for dinner! Hetty McKinnon is a native Australian who has travelled the world finding inspiration for her salads, and making friends. She currently lives in Brooklyn, New York.” –Nancy Esher, Tattered Cover Bookstore, Denver CO


Simple Green Suppers / Susie Middleton / 9781611803365

“The title of this cookbook says all: it is full of simple, healthy recipes, with easy-to-follow instructions and helpful photos. Whatever the accompanying dish, this cookbook is designed to give you hints on how to best prepare different vegetables with other staples: eggs, grains, noodles, breads. Whether cooking is new for you, or looking to add to your skills, add this book to your shelf. (And try the Warm Fall Salad…)” –Anna Stevens, Boulder Bookstore, Boulder CO


Toast & Jam / Sarah Owens / 9781611803570

"What a beautiful and interesting book this is. Sarah Owens invites you to get back to your roots and embrace making simple delicious foods." Melissa Taylor, E. Shaver, Savannah, GA

Eat This Poem /  Nicole Gulotta / 9781611804010

“This is such a creative and unique idea for a cookbook-- with Eat This Poem the author combines two of my favorite things, poetry and cooking. I love the way she creates recipes that fit the theme of the poems she has collected for the book. And the recipes themselves are truly beautiful.” –Danielle Bauter, Laguna Beach Books CA

“Reading this book, I became aware that cooking, for me, is often an exercise in assembling ingredients, employing various tools and techniques, and hoping for the best. Bring a poet into the kitchen and everything changes. There are invitations to contemplate the foods that we are using to cook — Mushrooms/Mary Oliver, Potato/Jane Kenyon; and the experience and associations we may have while eating them — While Eating A Pear/ Billy Collins, The Orange/Campbell McGrath, How To Eat Alone/Daniel Halpern; and the sources of things — The Man Born to Farming/Wendell Berry, Believe This/Richard Levine. Each poem is accompanied by 3 or 4 simple, soul-full recipes inviting us, freshly inspired, to further meditation on the object of our labors. This is a delightful book.” –Nancy Esher, Tattered Cover Bookstore, Denver CO