Creating the Fountain Tarot

The Fountain Tarot deck and guidebook was conceived by a team of three creatives: Jonathan Saiz, who painted the oil paintings for each card, Jason Gruhl, who wrote the guidebook, and Andi Todaro, who designed the package. For the three of them, this was a very personal project that was launched through a Kickstarter campaign. As part of that campaign, the creators described the creative process behind the deck, which we've excerpted here. 

"For us, creating a quality Tarot deck meant honoring the tradition of Tarot, while creating something new. This meant LOTS of research. We compared hundreds of elements, distilling them down in terms of: visuals, meanings and reversals, archetypes and symbols, story arcs, design elements, typography, booklet length and features, quality of paper and packaging, and many others."

"We read books, searched the internet, and bought and studied WAY too many Tarot decks—from the earliest Italian and French collections, to the most popular and iconic, to some of the newer decks, ranging from 'niche' to quirky. In the end, we were left with the essence of Tarot, and from there, we began creating."

Creating a quality Tarot deck meant honoring the tradition of Tarot, while creating something new.

"Like many projects, there were early moments of inspired momentum, and other moments of needing to find our way, but over the course of the project, our intense focus and coordination produced an effective and seamless process. Communicating online and through trips back and forth from Denver, Colorado, to Todos Santos, Mexico, we shared plans, ideas, and drafts. Though our styles and personalities are very different, our individual contributions blended and informed each other every step of the way. Eventually, through brainstorming, compromising, and synthesizing, a single, quality deck evolved, and The Fountain Tarot was born."

"The Fountain Tarot is bigger than the individuals who started it. Thanks to all of the artists, friends, and family members from around the world who modeled and contributed their energy. The process continues when you, the people for whom it was made, are touched and inspired by it. We hope that the care and the thoughtfulness that went into its creation are treasured by you and your loved ones for many years to come."