It's a Jungle Out There!

52 Nature Adventures for City Kids

Just because you live in the city doesn’t mean you can't enjoy nature. This compact guide offers 52 nature-focused explorations, adventures, observations, and games that can help you and your child connect to nature while living in the city. While it may be hard to see nature through the traffic, buildings, and busyness of the city, there is still much of the natural world to explore when you turn your gaze to the cracks in the sidewalk, the trees on the street, or the green spaces that your city offers. Become an urban birder, make your own man vs. wild observations, and discover the not-so-hidden pockets of nature in your neighborhood. For children ages 4 to 8.

Jennifer Ward is the author of I Love Dirt!, Let’s Go Outside!, and numerous children’s books, all of which present nature to kids. Learn more about her at

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Author Bio
Jennifer Ward

Jennifer Ward is the author of numerous acclaimed parenting books and books for children, inspired by natureShe lives in southern Illinois with her daughter, their dog, Bandit, and a cat they call Jaz. When not writing, Ward is unplugged and outdoors, where you’ll find her canoeing, jogging, gardening, bird watching, or barefoot and cloud gazing.  

Imprint: Roost
ISBN: 9781590309087
Publication Date: 05/04/2011
Page Count: 176
Size: 5.5 x 7.5

"We have found the perfect guide for urban families. Jennifer Ward offers a wonderful array of games, explorations, and adventures for kids usually boxed in by skyscrapers." —New York Family

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